We are a group of brands which have got together to fight discrimination and intolerance.

That is our commitment and we want to tell the world about it through stories about heroes. Heroes like the 18 African-American athletes who competed in the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936.

We are a group of brands which have got together to fight discrimination and intolerance. That is our commitment and we want to tell the world about it through stories about heroes. Heroes like the 18 African-American athletes who competed in the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936.

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Our Commitment:

We connect people by delivering moments of happiness anytime and anywhere. We are involved in a number of projects committed to society:

Jobs for people with disabilities

In partnership with Down Spain we have more than 118 people with disabilities forming part of our teams as workers in our stores.

Charity Collection Boxes

The purpose of our Charity Collection Boxes project is to bring visibility to foundations and associations by becoming an advocate of charitable causes and providing an ad hoc communication plan to each organisation with which we join forces.

Our Hero:


Store assistant

David comes to work every day with a smile on his face, inspiring his colleagues and conveying energy, teamwork and commitment.

You are our hero and your help means we can contribute to the project. If you call from 11 April to 11 May asking for the phone number of any of the NGO’s on the platform, we’ll send €1 of the cost of the call to this NGO and you can ask them about what they do and the options for getting involved with them.


Our commitment:

We bring access to quality healthcare to everyone through different projects:

Ophthalmological solidarity expeditions

Since 1995, Clínica Baviera's doctors have made solidarity trips to developing countries in partnership with various NGOs such as Stop Ceguera and Visió Sense Fronteres. The aim is to carry out checkups and apply treatments to correct visual pathologies, especially cataracts.
Over these years Clínica Baviera’s ophthalmologists have treated patients in countries including Iraq, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Zambia and the Republic of Chad. Plus its doctors not only operate but also teach local doctors techniques and procedures so that they can provide appropriate ophthalmological care to their fellow citizens.

Co-financing the construction of an ophthalmological hospital in India

Through the NGO Manos Unidas Clínica Baviera has co-financed the construction of the first ophthalmological hospital in the Indian city of Jagdalpur in the Bastar District in the State of Chhattisgarh. The works began in July 2017 and were completed in November 2018. The 726-m 2 new hospital on two 363-m 2 floors covers two million people. It has three ophthalmological consulting rooms, two operating theatres, diagnosis rooms and consulting rooms for optometrists. The forecast is to be able to perform more than 2,000 surgical procedures per year.

Eyesight checkups for children who spend the summer in Spain

For over 10 years Clínica Baviera has checked the eyesight of hundreds of children who through various NGOs spend their summers in Spain, especially from the Saharawi camps at Tindurf in the Algerian desert and children who live in areas close to Chernobyl in Ukraine. In addition to enjoying a few days of holiday with families in several regions, the children are checked by medical specialists who perform free ophthalmological examinations so as to provide them with a medical service they do not have where they live.

Solidarity glasses collection

All year round staff at Clínicas Baviera centres collect the spectacles of patients who have been operated on and will no longer need them. They are then distributed via a number of associations to disadvantaged groups in Spain and in developing countries.
This initiative began in 2000 with the aim of reusing all the glasses that are no longer needed after their owners have been operated on to sort out their eyesight problems. Over these years more than 20,000 prescription glasses have been collected which after graduating and labelling are handed over to several NGOs which distribute them to people whose situation means they are unable to get new lenses.

Our hero:


Profession: Ophthalmologist and Medical Director of Clínica Baviera Albacete

We’re talking about Dr José Ramón Villada, someone who has chosen to fight blindness in the world by going to the most disadvantaged areas of the planet where there are absolutely no means to combat it.

In 1993 he began to make solidarity trips and in 1997 he decided to found his own NGO Stop Ceguera. Since then they have restored the sight of 3,800 people who were totally blind, changing their lives and giving them a second chance.

Clínica Baviera partners his project by providing surgical and medical equipment to help fight blindness in the world.

Our Commitment:

We are a company committed to society and our more than 52,000 employees reflect this. At Correos we address the challenge of generational diversity by running a series of schemes and programmes designed to meet the organisational and individual needs of each person.

Our most successful measures include promoting digitalisation so our employees acquire the new skills needed to transform the business, reverse mentoring, fostering the exchange of experiences between generations and specific digital training programmes.

Likewise, we collaborate with the “Obervatorio Generación & Talento”. An organism that is dedicated to investigative work, analysis and formation on generational diversity and it’s impact on the socio-economic-labor reality in organizations.

Our Hero:


Delivery unit

Alejandro is involved in Generational Diversity initiatives in which he supports, cooperates and helps the most senior employees to enable them to enhance their talent and experience. This has meant not only an individual benefit but also a social and work benefit. Alejandro has been with the company since 2012 and has a great impact in his office. As a result of his efforts in 2016 he was awarded the 2016 Atenea Prize.

Our Heroine:


Customer care

Juana works in-house with any group project we run to provide her organisational knowledge and expertise and improve processes. Her involvement in the Intergenerational Programme launched by Correos led to her winning the Atenea Prize in 2016.

Our Commitment:

We fly to unite people, connect stories and cultures; we generate emotions and we do it while caring for the environment and supporting the progress of the societies in which we operate.
We support disadvantaged children and children's health, assistance in humanitarian emergencies and the integration of groups at risk of exclusion. We work with NGO Mano a Mano, Envera, UNICEF, Save the Children, Make a Wish, the Juegaterapia Foundation, the Integra Foundation and many others.

Our Hero:


Former Iberia employee and current chair and volunteer at NGO Mano a Mano.

Pilar is a committed person who spends her free time helping those who need it most. NGO Mano a Mano was founded in 1994 by Iberia employees as a result of a commitment to the disadvantaged who are in danger. Since then the NGO with Pilar at the helm and with Iberia’s support has been running projects for children's health as well as projects in schools, residences and hospitals in Spain and abroad. Pilar and the rest of Mano a Mano’s volunteers have made it possible for hundreds of children to turn their lives around.

Our Commitment:

We think sport is the best educational tool we have. So we promote doing sport through a number of projects designed to convey core values such as inclusion, teamwork, respect and nonviolence to the whole of society.

LaLiga Genuine Santander

This is a pioneering initiative to set up a league consisting of teams of people with intellectual disabilities with the aim of normalising playing football in the ID group and encouraging all LaLiga clubs to have their own Genuine team.

In this League it’s not only wins and draws that count as teams can also earn points for sportspersonship and fair play during the games.

Futura Afición

Futura Afición aims to turn today’s children into future respectful fans who base their passion on values including effort, improvement, teamwork, tolerance, integration and empathy. 13,000 schoolchildren in Primary Years 3 to 6 have taken part in this educational project to date.

LaLiga Educa

A socio-educational project rooted in fostering values through playing football and teaching Spanish with the aim of promoting educational and social development for young people at risk of social exclusion in Tétouan, Morocco.

More than 300 boys and girls aged 12 to 15 take part in LaLiga Educa with the help of 30 local instructors who have been specially trained.